Family roots run deeper than we realise and are immortal

जो हमे समझते थे
जो हमारे हर दुःख के साहिल थे
जो हमारी हर ख़ुशी के हमराही थे
जो हमारी हर उम्मीद के बीज थे
वह अब नहीं हैं
सच है, कि ज़िन्दगी है तो मौत भी है
सच है, कि हमे इस नियम का इल्म भी है
परन्तु सच ये भी है कि “वह” अब भी यहीं हैं
एक पोते की चाल-ढाल में
तो दूसरे की आवाज़ में
एक पोती की बनायीं गोल रोटी में
तो दूसरी की कलिष्ट हिंदी में
कभी बेटे की लिखाई में
तो कभी बेटी की सिलाई में
वह यहीं हैं,
हमारी भाषा में
हमारी हसी में
हमारे सपनों में
हमारे जनूओं में
वह यहीं हैं… हमारे साथ… हमारे पास
English translation (the translation cannot be as good; as i primarily wrote it in hindi, my apologies in advance)



Those who could read us like a open book

Those who were the respite to our griefs

Those who were companions of our joy

Those who planted seeds of hope in our mind


They are no longer here..


It is true; if there is life…there is death too

It is true; we know of this worldly rule


But the truth is that “they” are still here

In the stature of a grandson

And in the voice of another

In the efficient cooking of a granddaughter

And in the literary skills of another


Even in the writings of the son

Or handiwork of the daughter


They are here

In our language

In our laughter

In our dreams

In our passions


They are here … with us … near us

we are spread wide and far like the branches of a tree but still rooted all the same (from the image at top)

teacher’s day

Today is 5th september-teacher’s day. I feel very fresh with the memories of teacher’s day celebration in school. We used to plan days ahead for the festivity..the dances, plays (mimicing our dearest teachers 😛 ) and songs. And ohh yes…we used to get fresh flowers to present to the principal and teachers, plus a hand made card for our favorite teacher 😉

People say that gone are the days of respect for teachers. Indeed its true, that indian tradition of gurukuls was long gone, then the respect for teachers also faded away. Its no surprise that now students don’t follow every word of teachers as in olden days. Gone is that era of respect, dedication and righteousness.

But, are only students to be blamed for this change? Nooo..not at all. Actually, no one has to be blamed…times change and it did..

Now it is almost impossible (i said ‘almost’) to find a teacher who lives life by example, students are facing lack of role models, guides, inspirers and guru like personality who moulds the character of students like their own childen.

Hey..before you get me wrong i must tell that i am not saying that teacher-student relation doesn’t exist today..i am not saying that teachers today do not mould the raw vessel in the form of their student. It does and they do.

Only the form has changed.

Let me come to significance of teacher-student relation in today’s scenario….

We like certain subjects and hate others

The reason for liking a subject is simple…when we understand the concepts we start loving the subject.

As most of the time it happens the subject we understand properly is because it was taught by a good teacher…a good teacher makes us fall in love with the subject and we end up pursuing it for higher studies and slowly our career and at large, our life forms around it.

Our work presently, our life and our success is granted to us by our teachers. I am very thankful to the great teachers i had and feel blessed.

Even today teacher’s form us, form our lives and careers. Only the most hyped character building role of gurus seems to be missing.

Struggle is a necessary requirement


One of most inspiring stories i have heard is The story of the butterfly emerging from the hard pupa.

Its life begins as an “ugly” caterpillar. When the time is right, it forms a pupa and retreats behind its hard walls. Within its shell, it transforms into a butterfly, unseen, unheard. When ready, it uses its tiny, sharp claws at the base of its forewings to crack a small opening in the hard, protective outer shell. It squeezes through this tiny opening and struggles to make its way out. This is a difficult, painful and prolonged process.
We would think that it is better to enlarge the hole in the pupa, imagining that it would ease the butterfly’s task. But that struggle is necessary; as the butterfly squeezes its body out of the tiny hole, it secretes fluids within its swollen body. This fluid goes to its wings, strengthening them; once they’ve emerged, as the fluid dries, the delicate creatures are able to take flight.

Making the hole bigger to “help” the butterfly and ease its struggle will only debilitate it. Without the struggle, its wings would never gain strength. It would never fly.’

Bajirao mastani


yes, i loved the movie
it was soo artistic n a pure delight to watch
needless to say m a fan of sanjay leela bhansali (which i hv been since devdas)
ik..now..after clearly stating that i love the movie n want to say that i hate it.

No no no..dont get me wrong..m not confused..i loved the actors n film makers but not bajirao personally. Loving him is like loving infedility,
he had a happy family life.
Is it that easy to cheat on ur wife ? and god damnit u hv a child too..
my heart went out to kashi in each one of her scenes n to her alone. For those who say it was not their fault it just happened.. .what was with all the flirting n hitting on, n dont tell me it was healthy flirting

5 ways journaling improved my life

I am a big advocator of journaling as it has helped me a lot in life. Here I have tried to describe how…

I keep a journal and it has really helped me in many ways. So, here I am trying to enumerate the benefits of journaling…diary keeping…writing your thoughts ( I mean literally writing with pen not typing)

yes, peace of mind is number one on my list. I am a very thoughtful person. Thoughts keep flowing in my mind, keeps colliding with each other, which keeps me a heavy head sometimes. Penning them down makes the bangging in my head to stop and I get a calm and peaceful life 🙂

2. Clarity
It gives me clarity. I keep writing whatever comes in my mind and it gave me clarity of my own thoughts, i got to know myself better.

3. Perspective
It got me to understand others perspective also; like whenever I have an argument with someone I write dowm the incident and i realise what the other person meant :p

4. Memories
I can always re-live a moment of utter happiness or even great lessons. It is a great way of keeping memories.

All these benefits have made me a more organised and focused person and it boost my love for writting. 🙂

My Choice

They talk about porn
I keep quite
They crack ‘NV’ jokes
I keep quite
They laugh at somebody’s dressing sense
I keep quite
They make big career plans but never actually do anything to achieve it
I keep quite
They become hypocrit
I keep quite
They snap at every sentence
I keep quite
They keep commanding people
I keep quite
They pretend to be sensitive
I keep quite
They keep reminding of their kindness
I keep quite
They narrate stories of their generosity
I keep quite

I am not quite because i don’t have a opinion

I am quite because i have tried and i know it wouldn’t matter

So yes..i choose to keep quite and peace

Pardon my rudeness..but i find myself simply unable to participate in such chit chats

Letter To Unknown

I am detoxifying my life
removing negativity and accepting only positivity …….its AWESOME

I am becoming a better person by eliminating all the negativity and pessimism from my life

Being around some shallow people is simply not good for my health

Actually, i don’t have any patience left for those who doesn’t deserve

And i certainly have no time for hypocrisy and discouragement

So i am moving away from those who disturb my peace or degrade my being

I have understood that being surrounded by unambitious, dishonest, disrespectful and unorganized people makes me weaker

I seek depth of thoughts, words and action

I would rather chat for hours altogether with those who are humble enough to understand that others may know more than them..knowledge is infinite

I love those with raw intelligence…an intelligence beyond books, beyond academics, beyond any degree

I know such people are rare to find (but rare is enough)

And then ofcourse, i have ‘solitude’…my biggest treasure